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Tree Planting for Black Cockatoos - Stage 7

Another successful Tree Planting happened this year thanks to our wonderful volunteers.

Special thanks to Jenny from Jane Brook Catchment Group for helping us coordinate the planting and Robyn from Mundaring Nursery who supplied us with the beautiful native species.

This project took our total of plants that we planted to over 10,000 since 2012 and we couldn't have done this without the help from supporters and volunteers.

Pease keep an eye on our page on Facebook for future Tree Plantings ~ Perth Advocates for the Earth Inc

Beach & River Clean-Up on the Swan River at Bayswater - 2018

Our 2018 Clean Up went really with approx. 45kg of Debris removed from Bardon Park and surrounding area. Plus a tyre, wet and muddy bedding, tent, chair, pieces of iron and tin.

A majority of this rubbish was removed from the bank of the Swan River and means that it will no longer pose a risk to marine animals or wildlife.

Items we removed in large numbers that cause concern: fishing line, sinkers, plastic rings, plastic bags, cigarette butts....

Thank you to Tangaroa Blue for enabling us to participate every year.

Thank you too, to our wonderful volunteers: Eunice, Ross, Lou, Lieve, Grant, Josie and Leighton for helping us remove such a large quantity of rubbish in 2 1/2 hours.

If you are interested in volunteering with Tangaroa Blue next weekend, please check out the Marine Debris Project they are doing in collaboration with Clean Up Australia on the 13th and 14th Oct.

Tree Planting for Black Cockatoos - Stage 6

We had a great number of volunteers again this year which enabled us to finish the planting in record time - 1 1/2 hours only!!!

Thank you again to Jenny from Jane Brook Catchment Group and her husband Max and all our lovely volunteers who withstood the cold and wet conditions!

We sourced the plants from Robyn from the local Mundaring Garden Centre again and we are confident the plants will go well as they were well watered in on the day of planting and the following week.

We'll be planting again next year - planting area yet to be decided!
Here's the link to photos taken on the day of planting:

Image shows some children who volunteered with their parents on the day!


Beach & River Clean-Up on the Swan River at Bayswater - 2018

We participated in the Tangaroa Blue Beach Clean-up 2018 and chose further East at Ap Hinds Reserve, Bayswater.
With the help of 4 volunteers we removed rubbish and debris from the banks of the Swan River and covered approx. 2kms of area.  We'd like to thank our volunteers: Brigitte, Carol, Nancy and Wes who helped us remove approx 4 large bags of rubbish from the nearby Swan River and it was mostly drink cans, glass bottles, bits of paper and plastic remnants.

Thanks too to Tangaroa Blue for organising this every year!
See you all in October 2018!

Tree Planting for Black Cockatoos - Stage 5

Perth Advocates were very grateful to the 33 volunteers who came along on a rainy day and helped us plant 1,470 species that are the favourite food and shelter of the Black Cockatoos.
Our thanks go out to Jenny and her husband Max, who worked hard on the day and also helped us organise this planting. Jenny chose this area for us because it was devastated by the bush fires in Jan 2014.
We sourced all our plants from Robyn at the local Mundaring Garden Centre.
We look forward to planting again next year around July / Aug and if you are interested in helping us, please keep an eye on our Facebook page. Thank You!

Beach & River Clean-Up on the Swan River at Bayswater - 2017

We hosted another Beach Clean-Up in conjunction with Tangaroa Blue.  We estimate that we picked up between 8 - 10kg of rubbish this year at AP Hinds Reserve - Bayswater.   We found cigarette butts, small bits of paper, rubber and balloon remnants were the most prolific. Thanks to #TangaroaBlue for their support and amazing efforts to keep our beaches and waterways safe for land and marine animals.
ABOVE: Volunteers Dani, Alison, Shane and PAFTE board members at our 2016 Clean-Up.

Tree Planting for Black Cockatoos - Stage 4 at Wedgetail Reserve in Parkerville 2016

Perth Advocates for the Earth Inc (PAFTE Inc) planted 1,800 plant species that are the food source and shelter for the Black Cockatoos again in 2016 with cooperation from the Jane Brook Catchment Group ( This was our Project - "Planting for Black Cockatoo" - Stage 4
Planting area:
Thank you to all the volunteers that helped us on the day! A group photo is below. Plants sourced from Mundaring Garden Centre

Video of our Tree Plantings - Stage 2 & 3 at Wedgetail Reserve Parkerville 2014/15

Online auction for Black Cockatoos at Nannup & the WA Forest Alliance

We were proud to have raised  $1,533 for these 2 amazing groups.
Head over to our Facebook page (link below) and check out the sponsors and supporters.
All funds raised went to the recipients: 


Tree Planting for Black Cockatoos - Stage 3

For more information about our 2015 Tree Planting Project, head over to our event page on Facebook:

Our Year In Review - 2014

Screening of "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret"

Above: Introduction at our event "The Sustainability Secret" - by MC Katrina Love

We  hosted a FREE screening of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret on Saturday 13th of December at the WA State Library.   MC for the night is Katrina Love (SLE Campaign Manager and the Animal Justice Party WA Lead Candidate).  The following organisations participated with stalls selling merchandise and information material on the night. 

Animals Australia

Animal Liberation WA

Greener Pastures Sanctuary
Sea Shepherd Australia
Stop Live Exports
WA Forest Alliance

Beach Clean-Up - With a Twist!

PAFTE Inc participated in another Clean-Up in conjunction with Tangaroa Blue....but this time we did it with a twist!

We cleaned up a section of the Swan River  foreshore at AP Hinds Reserve and we invited members of the public to help us for a few hours on Sunday 12th October at 10.30am.

It was fun and we cleared approximately 22kgs of rubbish from the park and river bank. This means that debris no longer posses a risk to marine or wild life.

Thanks to Tangaroa Blue who provided insurance, bags and gloves. We provided light refreshments.

Here is he event page:

This is us with the 22kg of rubbish we collected in 2 hours. The biggest culprits this year were balloons and their remnants and cigarette butts.

Big thanks to George and Ilona for coming along and helping us.

3rd Anniversary of the Animals Australia protest rally in Fremantle
Sunday 14th August 2011

Tree Planting for Black Cockatoos - Stage 2

H.E.L.P. - Heal the Earth & Love the People

We were very grateful for the support we were given for our HELP event at the Fremantle Workers Club in Fremantle.  Funds raised on the night from door, raffle and silent auction sales was $4533.10  

100% of these funds were donated to the PCYC Streetball program run by Brad Robbins (Project Officer).  Thank you to those who attended and we can't thank the performers enough for giving up their Saturday night to entertain us.

Thanks also go to Diane Niyati (caterer) who provided amazing and delicious vegan light refreshments that were enjoyed by everyone.   The artwork exhibited on the night looked incredible....the photos don't do them justice. The artists should be very proud of themselves.

Brad Robbins and Streetball on ABC's 7.30 Report on Sat 4th July:


Dilip Parekh, Julie Fedele, "Kiss List", Michael D Lane
100% of funds raised will go to the Fremantle PCYC "Streetball" program:

PAFTE Inc Online Auction for the WA Dingo Association

THANK YOU to all those who participated in our recent online auction!!

Left: pic courtesy Leigh Mullan and Barbara York (both from the WA Dingo Association)

Total funds raised are $2569.50 with 100% going to WADA.

A big thank you also goes to all those generous individuals or businesses for donating and/or organising items to help this worthy cause:

Barbara York -
Bronwyn Rees -
Kate Xavier -

Leanne Allen -
Leighton De Barros -
Lana Dyson -

P.S. To the kind folk who paid extra for postage for their items.....this money was added to the tally for WADA as well.

Dolphins, Whales and other Tales with Leighton De Barros

Thank you to everyone who attended and made the night the success it was!

We proudly presented an evening showcasing the work of renowned cinematographer Leighton De Barros.

 With the help of over a hundred attendees, generous donors and wonderful supporters we raised just under $4,000 for Leighton's next project "Birthplace of the Giants".

Part proceeds will be donated to Sea Shepherd Australia. 

Above: Leighton filming his first wildlife documentary, "Dolphins Day".

Venue: State Library Theatre
25 Francis Street

Date: Saturday 5th April  

Our MC for the night was Lisa Rossi from Sea Shepherd Australia. Lisa did a wonderful job of helping the night run smoothly.   The vegan light refreshments were enjoyed by all and the feedback we have received has been positive. Everyone who filled out our feedback form has indicated that they would like to see more of Leighton's work in the future. Special thanks to 3 PAFTE members (Jo, Marjie and George) who volunteered to help on the night. 

Here is the link to see more photo's taken on the night:

Happy New Year everyone.
Thank you to our wonderful supporters and see you all in 2014!


Online Auction for Orangutan Foundation International Australia

With the help of many supporters, we raised $2,063. These funds could only be raised because of the generosity of business people and individuals who showed they cared by donating items and bidding and sharing the auction album on Facebook. Thank you all!

We hosted an online Auction from the 29th November until the 8th December.  We invited business people or individuals to donate items and ALL money raised from this auction went to the Orangutan Foundation International Australia to help them do their work. 

One of their projects is to try to protect critical Orangutan habitat. 

Our Facebook event page:

Project Whale Rescue - with Leighton De Barros

We are pleased to announce that $4,013.00 was raised on the night!

Our Project Whale Rescue was where Leighton launched his Pozible campaign (link above) to raise funds to create computer software to assist training of whale rescue teams in Australia and the world.

Thank you to everyone who attended, donated prizes and silent auction items and have committed to sharing the Project Whale Rescue Pozible campaign.  The event

was held at The Irish Club of WA
on the 8th November. 

100% of entry ticket, raffle and silent auction sales were donated to Leighton's Project.

There were vegan canapés provided and beverages were available at the bar.

Doug Coughran and Leighton De Barros gave insightful and inspirational presentations. Footage from Whale Patrol and a demonstration on how the simulator will work was shown.

Above is the promotional clip for the 'Whale Patrol' DVD that is included in the price of each entry ticket to the Leighton De Barros "Project Whale Rescue" event on the 8th November.
Please visit our Facebook event page for more information:
NOTE: some viewers may find parts of this clip upsetting, but it stresses the complicated and dangerous work the Whale Rescue teams are doing as they try to save as many whales entangled in marine debris as they can.
First Prize in our Raffle is a "Make A Difference" Package!
* Voucher for 2 nights accommodation at the Duxton Hotel Perth
(includes: Buffet breakfasts for 2 and a bottle of wine on arrival)
* The weekend use of car
* A medium sized suitcase
* 2 bottles of Goodwill Wine
* A Luxury Gift Basket
(best of all, part proceeds from this Package goes to the Make A Difference WA Foundation!)

PAFTE Inc Beach Clean Up - 2013

PAFTE Inc along with 6 volunteers spent a few hours collecting rubbish on a Perth beach.

Left: some of the volunteers with the rubbish we found.

Can We Make A Difference?

Thank you to everyone who attended our event, donated prizes, bought raffle tickets, and bid on our silent auction items.


We are very pleased that we raised $6,150 for the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel and the feedback we have received so far. 


Next, we look forward to our event in collaboration with Leighton De Barros titled "Project Whale Rescue".


For details visit our Facebook event page:

100% of proceeds from entry and raffle ticket sales go to BAWP:

Have you ever wondered if you could make a difference? We invite you to join us in finding out....
MC: Jeni Hood

Entertainment: Dilip Parekh and Drew Pring

First Prize in our raffle at this event - "Weekend Package" (valued at over $1,000):
* 2 nights accommodation at Margaret's Forest in a Studio Spa Apartment
* The use of a Chrysler 300c for the duration - courtesy of Osborne Park Chrysler
* 4 bottles of Goodwill Wines - courtesy of David Laity
* A hairdressing voucher - courtesy of Lee Preston Hairdressing
* and a David Attenborough DVD.
Facebook event page: 
Tony Karstaedt: BAWP
Darren Griffiths: WADA
Dawn Lowe: Animals Angels
Katrina Love:  SLE

Lisa Baker - MLA - Maylands


Leighton De Barros: 



Julie Dowling

Robyn Lowry

Goodwill Wine 

Stop Live Exports


PAFTE Inc Online Art Competition

shown in the slideshow below

Best of Show prize award of $1,000 - Judged by Julie Dowling: "The Ocean Deep" by Momo Paton
Julie Dowling's Encouragement Award (art supplies): "White Star; Arctic Guardians" by Jyoti McKie
People's Choice Award (Facebook) prize award $200: "Freedom" by Asta Lander
To check out all the finalists go to the below link.
We recognise that art is an excellent tool for communicating a positive message about any issue be it environmental, human or animal welfare. We are hoping our Online Art Competition succeeds in this endeavor while at the same time showcase the incredible artistic talent we have in Australia.

Australian Ethical Investment Grant of $4,000 awarded to PAFTE Inc

Left: the property where the rehabilitation will take place!"

Australian Ethical is delighted to announce that it has donated $4,000 to Perth Advocates for the Earth, whose mission is to assist with improving the lives of animals and humans, as well as working towards assisting in environmental improvements by advocating, informing and sharing resources with members of the public.


Australian Ethicals General Manager of Strategy and Communications, Paul smith said, we are extremely proud of our capacity to give generously to worthy causes regardless of the difficult economic conditions.


In particular, by providing a donation to the Perth Advocates for the Earths Planting for Black Cockatoos project, a program to rehabilitate 40 acres with 200 suitable food source plants for the endangered Black Cockatoo in the South West of WA (Boyup Brook on the Blackwood River), we will also help to encourage dialogue and positive involvement by the local community?

"Australian Ethical donates 10 per cent of company profits through its community grants scheme.  Australian Ethical has now donated more than $1.35 million to Australian and international communities over the last 12 years."  

For comment from Australian Ethical contact: 

Paul Smith

General Manager

Strategy and Communications

02 6201 1935

The Great Annual Quiz Night 2013

Below: Photos taken during the Quiz Night (courtesy of WADA member Barbara York) and the cheque presentation to the WA Dingo Association and Project Numbat representatives

PAFTE Inc would like to thank everyone who attended our Quiz Night on the 25th January 2013.


We are very grateful for the support and generosity of those wonderful people who donated prizes for this event (listed below) and those attending who dug deep and bought many (many) raffle tickets and participated in the games.


The final tally of funds raised is $4,039.90 and will be divided equally between the WA Dingo Association and Project Numbat.


We would also like to thank Dingo Daz (WA Dingo Assoc) and Leanne Kelman (Project Numbat) for their informative presentations. 

WA Dingo Association:


Project Numbat


Special mention and thanks goes to Jane Armstrong, for being our MC extraordinaire and Jo Watts for giving up her Friday night to help us with marking the answer sheets.

Donors and supporters for our Quiz Night


Adventure World

Alex Cearns and Debora Brown - Houndstooth Studio

Blair and Maria Buckingham - Master Picture Framers - Cannington

Brown Brothers

Craig Campbell - Environmental Printing Company

Donna Robson - Waggy Dog Bakehouse

Gallery Suites

Glenda Berry - Westcoats Embroidery

Katrina Love - Stop Live Exports

Little Creatures

Liz Davenport

Lynn MacLaren MLC

Natures Organics

Rockingham Wild Encounters

The Perth Mint

West Coast Eagles

On the 9th February 2013 PAFTE Inc presented the cheques to WA Dingo Association and Project Numbat.

Each group received $2,019.95 - These dedicated people are working hard to save two important Australian mammals who are in very real danger of becoming extinct if legislation and our actions aren't modified to protect them.

PAFTE Inc Beach Clean-Up 2013

Perth Advocates for the Earth Inc


CCWA - Conservation Week (5th - 12th Oct)

Participated in a Beach Clean-Up with dedicated PAFTE Inc members.

Artists for the Earth

Above: Andrew, Dilip, Rob (all from Dilip n the Dav's) and Carolyn.

Perth Advocates for the Earth Inc, in collaboration with the amazing duo of
Carolyn White and Dilip Parekh
organised a fundraiser on Friday the 7th of September.
The event was held to raise funds for "Save the Kimberley" and at the same time showcase the talent of local artists and musicians.
We are delighted to announce that the total amount raised was $3165.20.  
This is 100% of money raised and nothing was taken out for costs.  Perth Advocates would like to thank all the artists and musicians who participated, everyone who attended and made the night such a success and we are particularly grateful for the support of Carolyn and Dilip. Without their hard work this event would not have taken place.
Our special thanks to the talented photographer Natalia Fidyka whose photos captured the atmosphere on the night so beautifully. 
Here is the link to our albums:

Plastic Shores - The documentary

Left: Silke Stuckenbrock and Paul Sharp (founders of Two Hands Project)

Perth Advocates for the Earth Inc, in collaboration with CCWA, were proud to present Plastic Shores on the 12th of  August 2012.

A documentary about the effects of plastic debris on our marine ecosystem.  The film aims to make us think about our use of disposable plastics and what happens to them after they are thrown away.

 The film was written, produced and directed by Edward Scott-Clarke who set up a non profit organisation called La Mode Verte and is working in marine conservation.

Entry was by donation with all funds going to the Two Hands Project:



Rodney Fox Productions -


Margaret River Hemp Company -


FairGo Trading -


Woolworths - Cannington

An Evening with Black Cockatoos and Humpback Whales

Above: Cheque presentation at Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Rehabilitation Centre to Chasey the cocky and Louise Hopper (Wildlife and Clinic Manager)!

Above: Cheque presentation beside the "Whale Song" at Fremantle to Curt and Micheline Jenner with Skipper!

Please  check out their website: 

and Facebook page:


Thank you to all those who attended our event

An Evening with Black Cockatoos and Humpback Whales

on the

13th July 2012

We are pleased to announce the total proceeds raised $3,147.08

All proceeds were split equally between Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Rehabilitation Centre ($1,573.54) and the Centre for Whale Research WA ($1,573.54)

We are grateful to these sponsors and supporters:

Property Equity Builders:

Bernie and Trish Worthington ~ Drakesbrook Fine Wines:

Blair and Maria Buckingham ~ Master Framers Cannington: 


Australian Ethical Investment:


Environmental Printing Company:



The Great Aussie Quiz Night 2012


Above: best Aussie costume winner! :-)

25th January 2012

The Great Aussie Quiz Night was an event to raise funds for 2 very important Australian organisations. 

Native Arc and Voiceless.

Perth Advocates for the Earth Inc donated ALL proceeds divided equally between the two ($1,000 each)


About Native Arc: For over 20 years, 365 days a year, Native ARC has been caring for sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife. Animals are under a constant threat from humans. Habitat loss, injury and death are all problems caused by the encroachment of human development.

Native ARC, with the help of local veterinarians, provides the expertise and facilities to save these animals.

Who is Voiceless: Voiceless is led by father-daughter team Brian and Ondine Sherman, supported by patrons Michael Kirby, J. M. Coetzee and Jane Goodall. Established in 2004, Voiceless is a community of informed and passionate animal advocates working together to make a difference

Below: Dilip kept everyone entertained with some funky music.

World Events to End Animal Cruelty


8th October 2011

This event is a world wide coordinated event....and is not specific to one cause. It is non political and peaceful, and aimed at creating a family event.
* Speeches from Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettit, and Senator Lynn Maclaren, Senator Lisa Baker and Sandie Rawnsley from Stop Live Exports.
* Dilip and the Davs will be providing some toe tapping music
* Many groups with stalls selling merchandise
* Stalls providing education and raising awareness on various animal and environmental (that effect animals) issues
* Kiddies area with colouring-in and face painting available